Homo Spaciens Foundation (HSF) is a space research and advocacy organization devoted to advancing humanity's quest to become a multiplanetary species. Founded in 2011, the HSF organization was conceived to address the massive challenge of taking humanity to New Worlds by proposing the development of an interstellar manned mission.

The Homo Spaciens Initiative   
A 'bold' new space program capable of sending the first humans to the nearest habitable exoplanet, bringing the benefits of space back to Earth, and developing a space-based economy with plenty of jobs. History has proven that pursuing space programs like sending a Man to the Moon brings breakthroughs in all fields, generates economic growth and prosperity, and move us forward in unexpected ways.

Our Vision

We envision a new humankind, still in its embryonic stage, which will be the next step in human evolution. The Homo Spaciens, a new species of humanity, is being born from the cradle of Earth to live in space and on other worlds. Evolution has allowed humans not only to adapt and change their life environments, but also to create new ones beyond Earth. The Moon landing and the International Space Station (ISS) represent a significant first step towards the evolution of humans into a spacefaring species.

The Lunar landing of the astronauts is more than a step in history;
it is a step in evolution.

The New York Times Editorial, July 20, 1969
By the mid-century, there will be people living on the Moon, Mars, and throughout the Solar system. These space settlements will mark the advent of a new age for humankind, the Age of Homo Spaciens, in which humans will be able to expand into the vastness of space to forge a cosmic civilization.

A vision of the commercial expansion into the cislunar frontier

A vision of the commercial expansion into the cislunar frontier. Courtesy of Lux Nubian.